I have a close friend whose father got hit with the latest variant of CryptoLocker.

If you haven’t heard of CryptoLocker, you should.  CryptoLocker is a particularly nasty malware application that encrypts all of your important files and holds them for ransom until you pay the bounty.

This ransom can cost a few hundred dollars to even a few thousand. Even worse, the ransom doubles or triples if you don’t pay by the hacker’s deadline. Say goodbye to your important Word documents, music files and photos.

Even if you pay, you might never get the key to decrypt them and you’ve not only lost your files, but your money too.



Back to my friend’s story — his father is a novelist, so losing his documents was devastating. He called my friend desperately looking for an answer to get his files back. Fortunately for my friend’s father, he was able to recover his files, but most people aren’t as lucky.

My friend’s story prompted me to do something and unlike most, I was in a position to actually make a difference and stop these jerks. Since I built FileSure Defend, so I already had the magic ‘bits’ to do it.

So I created ICE – it’s not antivirus software – it’s better.

ICE blocks programs from writing other ‘program files’ to a computer disk. No more malware from ‘legitimate looking’ emails or free screensavers (hiding adware) that look harmless to the average user…ICE stops them, and their ilk, from writing program files to the hard drive.

We included an easy-to-use tray icon, so you don’t need to search for the program and you can still pause ICE when you need to install important, trusted software.

ICE Popup Menu

I later realized that kids would pause ICE to install their favorite (sometimes dangerous) programs, so I added a kid-safe measure that let’s only you pause ICE.


Configure ICE


That’s it. ICE is very simple to use but saves you hours of frustration from fixing your friends and family computers on the weekends. We protect from nasty malware such as CryptoLocker and its variants as well as other viruses.

We’re proud to offer protection against the nasties on the Internet.

Install ICE on your loved one’s computer and save them from what my friend’s father went through.

ICE 3.0 runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 2003, 2008 and 2012 both 32 and 64 bit versions.