I recently adding a F.A.Q. to address ‘Why do I hear this ‘Slapping’ sound when I turn on my computer?‘ and the upshot is that ICE is blocking programs from auto-updating.

I’m doing this on purpose since ‘Malware/Crapware’ usually registers itself as a startup program, just to make sure that they get ‘reinstalled’, even if the user has successfully uninstalled them.  ICE is designed to stop that reinstall too.

But hearing a bunch of ‘slapping’ every time you start up the computer, will probably scare an average computer user.

While trying to decide what to do here, I thought about the computers I support.

I didn’t want to ‘scare’ my parents and in-laws every time they turn on their computer and I know that I need to pause ICE and apply updates.

So I added this:


When configured, ICE will block the update but won’t play the block sound at system start up.

As an aside…the software industry needs to follow the Microsoft update model and use a service to update their programs in the background instead of a user