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Protect Your Computers from With Our New Product: ICE

I am the IT Support staff for my wife, my kids, my parents, my in-laws, and my non-geek friends.


Hanging out with friends and family is more relaxing than fixing their computers.


Are you in the same boat? It gets old. I usually don’t mind, but I would rather spend time with my friends and family than their computers.

For years, I’ve used FileSure Defend on my wife’s computer to keep it clean of malware, viruses, ‘tag-along’ crapware, and anything that else that I didn’t explicitly install.

My solution was to configure FileSure to block ‘program’ files (.bat, .exe, .wsh. .sys, .ocx, etc…) from being written to the computer.

I don’t know why it took me so long to put two and two together, but when a friend’s father got hit with Cryptolocker, it dawned on me that most computer users are defenseless against Zero-Day malware writers and companies whose entire business model is based on taking advantage of low-tech users.

Introducing ICE.

ICE reporting on failed zip extraction

ICE blocking Adware hidden inside a ZIP file that I got via email.

ICE sits on a pre-configured version of FileSure Defend for Workstations and blocks program files from getting written to the hard drive.

Since I need to install software and updates from time to time, I gave it a simple tray icon and right click menu UI so I could pause the protection.

ICE Popup Menu

Later I discovered that kids LOVE installing new software, so I added a way to hide ‘pausing’ to protect them even if they think they know what they are doing.

Configure ICE

I’m proud to be able to offer some protection against these jerks.

Save yourself the future grief and install it on the computers you support today.

The cost is minimal; you can protect up to 5 computers for $5 a month. In fact, get your family and friends to pay it. It’ll be the best gift they can give you—your evenings and Sunday afternoons relaxing with the group instead of slaving over their computers!

The computer is working now...keep it that way!
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