Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions. Those you might be asking yourself.

What is ICE?

ICE prevents programs, Malware, SpyWare, AdWare, and even most virus from getting installed.  It does this by blocking program files from being written to the hard drive.

Normal users don’t typically install programs after the computer is configured.

Who needs ICE?

ICE is designed for non-technical people; people who do not, or should not, routinely install software. In other words, nearly everyone except programmers and IT professionals.

Why did we build ICE?

We are computer experts so when some ugly piece of MalWare attacks us, we can deal with it. But 99% of computer users aren’t experts and are completely unprepared with attacked with Malware like CryptoLocker.

How much does ICE cost?

ICE costs $5 per month and protects up to five computers.

For most families, one subscription will protect all the computers in the house.  Or maybe cover our three computers and still have two for Grandma and Grandpa.

Can I get rid of my Anti-Virus?

For two major reasons, we do not recommend that you stop using Anti-virus.

  1. ICE will block programs from being written, therefore any virus, malware already installed will go undetected. Signature based virus scanners  will find and remove them
  2. Currently most Malware are zero-day attacks and ICE will block them, but non-program based virus, like macro-viruses built into Office files.
ICE appears to be blocking programs running from a USB drive.

ICE is blocking reading of program files from USB drives and CD/DVD since they can be used to quickly infect Malware. This sort of attack is called a ‘Switchblade’ attack and ICE is designed to stop it.   Use the ‘Pause’ option, if you need to run a program from a USB drive or CD/DVD.

ICE is blocking legitimate software updates

There have been instances of Malware being disguised as legitimate software updates.  Since our goal is to keep you free from crapware/malware/viruses, we block automatic updates and recommend that your computer expert pause ICE and apply updates manually.

Currently ICE allows Microsoft Updates to be applied.

If you are sure that you can trust the automatic update, you can make it as a trusted program.


Why do I hear this ‘Slapping’ sound when I turn on my computer?

ICE plays a sound when it blocks activity it doesn’t trust and the default sound is a ‘Slap’.  (I still think it’s funny every time I hear it)

Many companies, configure their ‘Is it time to update our program?’ to run at Windows Startup.

When these program attempt to update your system ICE will block them and hence why you hear the slap.

It was tempting for us to add a feature that would allow these update programs to work as intended, but we can’t since a great many crapware programs configure themselves to reinfect the computer at startup.

If you don’t like the ‘Slap’ sound, you can change it on the Sounds tab of the options dialog.

The computer is working now...keep it that way!
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