A ‘techie’ demo of ICE

I decided that I needed to do a quick demonstration of ICE since I believe seeing software in action is much better than just reading a bunch of marketing copy about how it’s the greatest thing since the microprocessor. The videos starts right after I’ve downloaded ICE but before I installed it. I install ICE, […]

What to do about automatic updates?

I recently adding a F.A.Q. to address ‘Why do I hear this ‘Slapping’ sound when I turn on my computer?‘ and the upshot is that ICE is blocking programs from auto-updating. I’m doing this on purpose since ‘Malware/Crapware’ usually registers itself as a startup program, just to make sure that they get ‘reinstalled’, even if the user […]

Why I Built ICE?

I have a close friend whose father got hit with the latest variant of CryptoLocker. If you haven’t heard of CryptoLocker, you should.  CryptoLocker is a particularly nasty malware application that encrypts all of your important files and holds them for ransom until you pay the bounty. This ransom can cost a few hundred dollars […]

Typical email malware attack

The lion share of malware today is sent via email. Here’s one I got today and it’s pretty typical of this sort of attack.   It’s pretty obvious to me that this isn’t real, so I just delete it. But some people are busy or distracted or maybe they don’t know any better….so the double click […]

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