RansomWare is horrible and the people who make it are thugs.

CryptoLocker is usually distributed via email.  You get an email with an attachment, which is commonly a ZIP file or a PDF.

When you open the zip and attempt to ‘Use’ the contents, usually nothing appears to happen.

What is really happening is that the ‘Program’ you just ran is silently encrypting all your documents, pictures and anything else that might be important.  When it’s done encrypting everything, you’ll get this ugly message that says….’We’ve encrypted your documents.  You have 72 hours to send us money and we’ll send you the decryption key.  If you don’t, we’ll forget the key and all your documents will be lost.

ICE prevents the contents of the ZIP file or the virus-laden PDF from getting written to the hard drive, so it can’t run, and therefore can’t harm your computer or your data, pictures, and your digital life.