Sometimes a program needs to create files that are normally blocked by ICE.

Quickbooks and programs built using the Microsoft .Net Framework are common examples.

Here are the steps necessary to exclude a program from ICE:

  1. Right click on the ICE tray iconICE Tray Icon
  2. Click on the ‘About’ menu itemICE About Menu
  3. Click the ‘Configure…’ buttonICE About
  4. Select the ‘Trusted Programs’ tab
  5. In the ‘Trusted Programs’ area, hover over an empty row and click the ‘Pick…’ buttonTrusted Programs
  6. On the ‘Pick Trusted Program’ screen, select the program that you want ICE to ignore and click OK.Pick Trusted Programs
  7. Click ‘Close’

Never exclude Windows Explorer or an Internet browser since they are the most common way malware gets installed.