User Case

Can I trust file sharing services like Drive and Dropbox?

No, not according to File sharing services replicate any file added to them to all the other computers connected to the same account.  It does this without regard to what the file is. So if a virus or malware is added to the Dropbox folder, it will be replicated to all the other computers. Since […]

How do I get my copy?

Here are the steps to sign up for a subscription of ICE: Download and install the ‘Trial’ version of ICE here. (Skip this step if you’ve already done this) Right click on the ICE tray icon, located in the ‘System tray area’ Select the ‘Sign up’ menu option and Left-click on it. Enter your credit card […]

Why do I need ICE?

Many companies, even popular ones like Adobe, include ‘addition’ programs with their installs.  They do this to offset the high price of developing free software. The problem is that most of the time, these ‘additional’ programs are unneeded and unwanted.  For example, McAfee anti-virus might get installed while you already have Microsoft Security Essentials installed. Before […]

Why does ICE work?

ICE works because most users don’t install programs. For most people, the computer is either comes with pre-installed software or someone sets it up for them. After it’s set up, they just use it.  They send emails, write blog posts, read social media, manage their checkbooks, and so on. The problem is that there are companies and bad […]

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