Can I trust file sharing services like Drive and Dropbox?

No, not according to File sharing services replicate any file added to them to all the other computers connected to the same account.  It does this without regard to what the file is. So if a virus or malware is added to the Dropbox folder, it will be replicated to all the other computers. Since […]

How is ICE different than a virus scanner?

Virus scanners, for the most part, rely on ‘signatures’ to find viruses/malware, which means: The virus/malware has been ‘found’ or submitted A ‘signature’ has been defined for it The signature file has been updated The signature file on your computer has been updated That’s why the first question a virus scanning tech support guy will ask is: […]

What are the best practices for using and deploying ICE?

When you first install ICE on a computer, it will block all program files from being created, written, renamed or deleted. This will keep the user from installing something they shouldn’t. There are two cases where the installation of ICE could case trouble: Programs that update themselves Some programs create files that ICE will block Here’s how […]

How do I apply a custom license?

If you need to apply a non-subscription license, you will need to access a ‘hidden’ screen with the main ICE configuration screens. Here’s how: Right click on the ICE tray icon Select the About menu item Click the ‘Configure’ button WHILE HOLDING down the ALT key. If done correctly, the ‘Configure’ screen will now include […]

What about RansomWare like CryptoLocker?

RansomWare is horrible and the people who make it are thugs. CryptoLocker is usually distributed via email.  You get an email with an attachment, which is commonly a ZIP file or a PDF. When you open the zip and attempt to ‘Use’ the contents, usually nothing appears to happen. What is really happening is that the ‘Program’ […]

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