And Now for Something Completely Different!

How is it that we have Virus scanners, Malware scanners, Firewalls, Automatic security updates, the annoying User Account Control (UAC), and even Limited User Accounts…

and even with all this protection, my kid can still somehow get her computer so bogged down with crap that it barely runs.

Or how is it that with all this protection CryptoFile RansomWare can extort millions in just 30 days??!

We need Something Completely Different.

All these people, whether it’s Malware writer or someone trying to sell you something you don’t need, have the same goal…to get their program running on your computer.

So if we stop their program files from getting onto the  computer, we stop them…even those that haven’t even been invented yet.

Introducing ICE.

ICE prevents program files from being written to the computer.

Nice and Simple.

No new program files means:

  • no new malware
  • no new spyware
  • no new ad-supported Screen savers
  • no new toolbars
  • no redundant software
  • nothing.

ICE can be paused for a short time for legitimate software to be installed; but for most people, after the computer is set up, they never need to install anything else.

Give it a shot and try ICE for 21 days for free.

The computer is working now...keep it that way!
Try ICE for free for 21 days!